Enterprise Mission

Empowering the Supply China and Refreshing the Ecosystem,to Provide Our Global Customers with Integrated Services Solutions of Mechanical andElectrical Products.

Platform Philosophy

Be a Professional at Conducting Business for the Ease of Our Customers

Enterprise Vision

To Become a Globally Trusted,Leading International E-Commerce and Trade Services Platform for the Mechanical and Electrical Industry

Core Values

Taking great responsibilities,acting with great morals,making great achievements

What XCMG E-Commerce Can Do


Develop overseas logistics and storage via big data


Build an independent domestic and international e-commerce platform


Improve the supply chain efficiency of the mechanical and electrical products and lead China in B2B platform technology


A professional global second-hand equipment sales and service platform & auction platform of the mechanical and electrical products


Further cooperation with search engines, international platforms, financial institutions, etc.

Industry Growth

Implement OEM/ODM/OBM strategies to expand categories and supply, meeting the diverse demands of customers

Founded in December 2017, XCMG E-Commerce (Full name:XCMG E-Commerce Inc.)is a subsidiary of XCMG that specializes in the Group's e-commerce business. Relying on XCMG's complete construction machinery industry chain and rich experience in international development, XCMG E-Commerce has designed and launched its own international (Machmall.com) and domestic (Tlang.com) e-commerce platforms which feature abundant resources, active innovation, and high efficiency and collaboration. The two websites focus on the construction machinery industry and apply Internet Plus technology to integrating good-quality resources manufactured in China and seamlessly connect the demand side and supply side. With the thriving e-commerce platforms and a complete ecosystem, XCMG E-Commerce provides global customers with a wide range of the mechanical and electrical products in complete sets and series as well as various e-commerce services such as rental, auction, second-hand equipment, parts, and overseas warehouses.

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